Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There Are Three Flower's In A Vase, The Third Flower Is GREENLIGHT DOLLHOUSE

Not so long ago I created a blogger site called dollsactive to help create awareness of Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku's new show "Dollhouse." Due to lack of time, I was never able to get the site off the ground. I had massive intentions of reviewing the show each week, posting photos, news, etc. Although unable to do this, I am now dedicated to save what I believe to be an entertaining and truly origninal scifi masterpiece. Although there have been up's and down's in the ratings and critiques of the show, Dollhouse has shaped into an amazingly unique program. Sadly, due to lack of promotion and a dreary spot on the death trap that is Friday nights, FOX has every opportunity to cancel this show. We have seen it done time and time again, spectacular shows getting axed before they really have a chance to develop, because as we all know if you are not a hit during the first season, chances are you won't see a second. While I understand FOX is going about this from a financial standpoint, they need to realize this show has a loyal, strong fan base which will not let this turn into another "Firefly." All FOX needs to do is throw a little time and effort into promoting the show. Although Eliza Dushku has spent much of her own time hitting the talk show circuit and trying to raise awareness, the actual company has done very little. The show has proven to be a huge hit with DVR and online viewers, with a little assistance this could be turned into live viewership. All that needs to be done is this:

1) Give Dollhouse a shot airing in a different time slot. Get away from Fridays and give the show a lead in from 24 or Fringe. Create a new night of scifi, instead of placing Dollhouse next to another failing show. This could immediately turn those DVR viewers to live if it were placed on a Monday or Tuesday night.
2) Promote the show. It's that simple. Place adds for the show on other stations and not just the night is airs. Send all cast members out to various talk shows, although there has been a ton of press online, general viewers are relatively unaware the show actually exists.
3) Let Joss helm the show he wants to create. Obviously the biggest problem from a critical stand point was the heavy hand of FOX in the original five episodes. Although they were entertaining and still had "Whedon" moments, the studio's efforts to create stand alone vs serialized really hurt the shows chances of survival.

So these are just a few of my ideas for FOX, please post any other ideas you have for the show and ways we can help SAVE DOLLHOUSE. In my next post I will share what information I have gathered so far to let people know what they can do to help.

Peace Out Brothers. JM.

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