Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Becoming An Active...

Alright, so now you want to help? Awesome. There are many things you can do to help save this amazing show.

1) E-Mail FOX and let them know exactly how you feel about Dollhouse. Try to make your header very catchy to help reel FOX in, but always be sure Dollhouse appears in the title.

2) Use Myspace and Facebook to not only contact FOX but also to help raise awareness to your friends, family, and co-workers. Use your daily status updates and mood settings to spread the word for Dollhouse. You can also send messages and use wall posts to help contact FOX. Just use the search engines to find their main page.

3) For Twitter users, contact FOX broadcasting to let them know your thoughts on Dollhouse.

4) Use various message boards as outlets of promotion for the SAVE DOLLHOUSE campaign, as well as bringing in new viewers for the show. Websites as the one below are good jumping off points. There are alot of great people on those message boards who offer brilliant ideas to help. You can also find some pre-written letters which you will be able to e-mail to FOX. Also just use the main Dollhouse board to start, try going to each actor or actresses personal pages to help spread the word. This is also a useful tip for places such as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook as most of the stars of the show have official pages.

5) Chat with other fans who may not know how they can help. Sites such as this provide weekly chats during the episodes which allow you to interact with other hardcore fans of Dollhouse.

6) Pre-order the first season of Dollhouse on DVD and Blu-ray now! Show FOX that Dollhouse can acquire huge DVD and merchandise sales. Any extra effort counts.

7) Lets keep in mind that although the outlook for Dollhouse is dim, it has NOT been cancelled yet. Be sure to use all these outlets not only to contact FOX but also to let other people know about Dollhouse. Provide links to Dollhouse on Hulu, I-Tunes, and Amazon.

8) Sign this online petition to Save Whedon's Dollhouse.

This is all the information and ideas I have been able to gather so far. I will continue to post more as I find it, and please post any extra information you have in the comments section of the blog. Anything to help would be most appreciative. Remember to keep watching Dollhouse on Friday nights, we still have a few episodes left to turn things around and maybe a Prison Break lead in will help boost the numbers enough to let FOX executives consider saving Dollhouse.


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