Thursday, April 16, 2009

Letter To FOX

I know alot of you guys have been e-mailing FOX, which is awesome, but for those of you who have yet to do it, I thought I would make it a little easier. Below you will find a pre-written letter I scribed that you will be able to e-mail FOX to let them know you would like a second season of Dollhouse.

To Whom It May Concern

First, I would just like to say thank you on behalf of SCIFI fans everywhere for giving Dollhouse a spot on your Friday night line up. It is genuinely hard to find a witty, well written genre series which tugs on your morals one moment and creates a heart pounding action sequence the next. Truthfully, Dollhouse is a show that forces you to ask questions on what you believe is right and what you believe is not. There is no grey area and that is what I applaud you for. The fortitude to look at a series, seeing its endless potential to push the boundaries of television. My hope is that you continue this series, to show other broadcasting companies that you are about creating quality programming that although the fan base may be small, they are strong in spirit. A cult series like Dollhouse could go on to provide massive merchandising sales. This is proven in the fact of the programs DVR viewings, as well as being a huge hit on Hulu, Itunes, and Amazon. Dollhouse is the future of television and I would love nothing more than FOX to be the pioneers. I hope to see you this fall.

Insert Name Here

Thanks for all your hard work and please continue to give Dollhouse all you can. Feel free to re-post this letter on any message boards you guys view.


  1. Done. Can't believe there won't be an episode tonight. Here goes my Friday night. :(

  2. I understand the feeling. Thanks so much for all your help and keep it up, we still have a long road to travel.