Friday, May 8, 2009

Finale Thoughts

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. What an amazing hour of television. I can't help but feel a little somber at what could be the end of a truly unique and original masterpiece. I waited for this show to premiere for what seemed like forever, now I can't believe it's over, possibly for good. I hope this motivates each and every one of you to fight for this show. We need a second season of Dollhouse. Although I know alot of you were on the fence with the first few episodes, I have loved it from day one, but most realize this show lived up to its full potential from "Man on the Steet." I am determined, now more than ever, to do everything within my capabilities to keep this show alive. So please keep tweeting, keep e-mailing, buy the dvd's, etc. Do anything and everything you think will help.

Goodbye and Goodnight. JM


  1. i'm not sure if you've been paying full attention to imdb or not...there's another episode to be aired on July 28 this year. looks like there probably is another season. you don't need to be on this huge "crusade" to keep it, since it looks like it's already in the works.

  2. Well as much as I wish that were true, sadly I have found no information to back up your statement. The first season of Dollhouse will be released on July 28 and will include the 13th episode, however FOX currently has no plans to air this. So I am going to keep fighting, but if "Omega" is how we go out, it was one hell of a ride. Thanks Joss!