Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dollhouse Officially Renewed

Congrats to Joss, Eliza, Enver, Diechen, Miracle, Tahmoh, Fran, Olivia, and everyone else involved with Dollhouse, the show has officially been renewed for 13 more episodes beginning this fall on FOX. There is also a strong possibility for a pick up of the back 9 episodes, should the show do well. I also wanted to congratulate and thank each of you for all the hard work you guys put in to e-mailing, tweeting, and calling. I'm sure the cast and crew all appreciate the support. On a side note, just remember our work is yet to be finished. We need to keep Dollhouse's strong fan base in the mind of FOX executives. So please, if you haven't already, pre-order your first season from Amazon, tell your friends about Dollhouse, and keep tweeting and e-mailing FOX to thank them for renewing such an amazing show. Until the fall.......

Peace out. JM.

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